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Gulf World Marine Park

Gulf World Marine Park dolphinOne of the Gulf Coast's most popular amusement and educational activities for the entire family is the Gulf World Marine Park. Plan to spend an entire day at Gulf World to see live animal shows, fascinating exhibits, and to enjoy hands-on interaction with the animals.

But Gulf World offers so much more than animal shows and fascinating exhibits. Gulf World offers several unique and interesting programs for those with a sense of adventure. At Gulf World you're invited to Swim along with the Dolphins. See what it's like to be pulled around the dolphin habitat holding onto a dolphin's dorsal fin. Experience a dolphin kiss and a dolphin handshake. Learn about dolphin conservation and get to know dolphins in their element - swim with the dolphins.

You and your children can also be a dolphin trainer for a day. Learn how to prepare and feed dolphins. Participate in training sessions and help to put on the show. To commemorate your experience Gulf World will give you a Gulf World Marine Park trainer t-shirt and a 5x7 photo of you - dolphin trainer for a day.

After your day at the park feel free to stick around and stay the night. Snooze with the Sea Life is an overnight getaway for your group. Take an after hours tour of the dolphin habitat and enjoy a flashlight tour of Gulf World. You'll have a great time at the Splash Magic Laser Light show. It's a fun and educational experience for the whole group.

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